Family activities

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Discover a wide range of leisure, cultural and sports activities to do with the family in the Loire Valley, either indoors or outdoor in the fresh air.

Visite en famille donjon de Loches

Indoor fun

On rainy days, or during school holidays, it can be pretty challenging to keep the children from going stir-crazy. Here are a few ideas that should make your life easier - and impress the kids! There's something here for all tastes: food lovers, curious kids, sporty kids, budding astronomers, you name it!

Confiserie Hallard (sweet shop)

Mouth-watering visit to the kingdom of sweets

Located close to the town centre of Loches, Confiserie Hallard is a paradise of confectionary : no matter how old or young you are, you're sure to love it ! The tour kicks off with a video showing you how sugar is made.  The best bit is when the confectioner reveals his trade secrets ! Watch as he works his magic, making colourful sweets right before your eyes! Welcome to a delightful, mouth-watering word of sweets... Take your time to look around and don't leave without a pocketful of goodies!


Atelier enfants à la confiserie Hallard de Loches



Practical heritage workshops

Creative fun

Learn by playing! Have fun and learn about history with the heritage department of Loches. It runs creative workshops specially for children during school holidays. Under professional guidance your little angels will be able to try their hand at a range of different crafts: stained-glass art, stone sculptures, pottery and drawing.


Atelier patrimoine Loches



Reach for the stars
Show your children the wonders of the universe at the Tauxigny planetarium. Lean back on the reclining chairs with your budding astronomers and get ready for a journey through the solar system, exploring the planets and stars. The planetarium plays two different shows, in an alternating sequence. You'll feel like you can almost touch the stars and faraway galaxies.


Workshops for children at the Prehistory museum in Grand-Pressigny

Travel back in time

If you're curious about how pottery was made in Neolithic times, or how musical instruments were crafted, or how Prehistoric man made jewellery, then you've come to the right place ! Step right in and experience the prehistoric era at Grand-Pressigny, and use your hands to craft things just the way the cavemen did. It's not as easy as it looks!


Atelier groupe Grand Pressigny


Natureo Water Park in Loches

Get your swimsuit out and head to Naturéo!

Treat your family to a fun day out at the Naturéo water park. On Wednesdays and weekends, Naturéo puts on a host of sporting and leisure activities for all ages, such as baby swimming and fun animations for kids. 






Outdoor activities to recharge your batteries

If you love trekking or finding different kinds of off-beat activities, why not go in search of the trolls of Southern Touraine or for a donkey ride, or quite simply sett off armed with your sketchbook ready to draw. Treat yourself to a well-earned break at the Naturéo water park: a fun-packed day out for the whole family.


Clic'Lac Treetop adventure in Chemillé sur Indrois

Treetop fun for the whole family

Midway between the Beauval zoo and Loches, the Clic'Lac adventure park offers several treetop trails for all ages and levels, guaranteeing heaps of fun, laughter and thrills.



Parrc accrobranche de Chemillé sur Indrois


 Relaxation at the leisure park in Chemillé sur Indrois

This beautiful spot in the Touraine offers a whole host of activities, such as supervised swimming, canoeing, pedelo boats and bouncy castle. Lie back and relax while the children splash around in the water! Sounds tempting, doesn't it ?




Trekking with a long-eared companion: the Balaam donkeys

Trekking and packing is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful protected nature of the Touraine in the company of a long-eared friend !



Hike and sketch at the 'Pas aux Anes'

With your pencils and sketchpad in hand set off on a family walk of 3km through the beautiful public forest of Loches. At various spots along the way sit down and draw what you see, no need to be an artist as everything is explained step by step on the interpretation panels and you'll get the hang of it in no time !


Lose yourself playing in the maze in the Tours-Preuilly forest

A forest labyrinth with two fun-filled trails that reveal the secrets of the woodland and provides a glimpse of the diversity of animal life and the various tree species that inhabit the forest.

Labyrinthe de la forêt de Tours Preuilly