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Come to Loches, the Touraine and Châteaux de la Loire for a relaxing stay, with lots of fascinating cultural and natural sites to visit. Travel back in time as you wander through the quaint streets of the Royal City of Loches; explore the chateaux and museums and soak up the region's colourful history. Continue your discovery and visit the beautiful parks and gardens, where you can rest for a while or take part in a variety of leisure activities as a family or with friends. 

Gastronomy is an inherent part of our culture, thanks to the many farmers and producers here in the region. The culinary specialties of the Southern Touraine include Sainte-Maure cheese, ewe's cheese, Tours rillettes and rillons. To learn about how these products are made and get a sense of how passionate local producers are about their products, why not seek out their farms ?

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