Stay in a charming guest room near Montrésor

As you go through the public forest of Loches towards Montrésor, you come round a corner and suddenly, out of nowhere, there it stand before you: the Corroirie.

Stay in a charming guest room near Montrésor


You'd honestly never expect to find such striking historical buildings here, lost in the woods of this little valley. Once a fortified seigneurial manor, and a Carthusian monastery, the site still exudes the charm of yesteryear, tinged with austerity and a strong dose of mystery... There's nothing like a good crime novel, and you'll feel right in the middle of one here, especially if you stay over in one of the guest rooms.

Jeff de Mareuil, the owner, is a loveable eccentric who'll warmly welcome you to his chateau-monastery.  He'll tell you the story of the place, shedding light on the mysteries of its past. With its fortifications, windmill, drawbridge and Plantagenêt-style church, this site spells sheer delight for all those who love old stones and history.

Tour of the site

The next part of the tour takes you into a reception hall whose wide wooden staircase leads to the rooms, passing through a vast living room reserved to guests. It's a cosy place to sit, reading or chatting, in the charming atmosphere of yesteryear.

The two rooms are arranged in different styles, each complementing the history of the site. The first room, formerly the monks' chambers, is furnished in a natural, appeasing style in tune with the building's monastic past. The beige and flaxen hues of the walls and drapings are in soft harmony, while the red terracotta tiles bring warmth to the room.

La Corroirie-chambre monacale-Loches Touraine Val de loire

The seigneurial room, the larger of the two, is furnished in warm, cosy tones. With its refined decor and beautifully carved wooden chests, it'll make you feel just like Medieval royalty.

There's nothing like a walk before dinner, in the countryside gardens that feel truly pastoral, especially when Jeff leads the sheep out to graze. The ancient species of vegetables grown in the organic gardens have just been planted, and they're destined for our plates.

La Corroirie moutons-Montrésor Val de Loire
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