In the shade of the lime trees and roses

Chédigny, the only village to hold the "Remarkable Gardens" label, is the flowery pride of La Touraine. This place is all about the good life; here, they're experts in the art of taking it easy! What else could you expect in the land of Chateaux?! With more than 800 rose bushes, lots of perennial plants and a brand new kitchen garden, Chédigny becomes a glorious show of colour in the springtime. Take a stroll through the village and you'll simply fall in love with the place. There's no doubt about it! That's exactly what happened to Martine Matard the first time she came to Chédigny. So she didn't waste any time: she packed her bags and came to live here for good, doing up the former rectory and turning it into a bed and breakfast, complete with restaurant and tea room.

A majestic lime tree planted in 1811 shades the entrance to the gardens, and inside the garden walls stands La Closerie du Tilleul. The former rectory looks like a big family manor, and that's just what Martine was looking for: it's the perfect place to receive guests as friends. Standing tall and proud, this superb 17th-century building looks down upon the freshly planted kitchen gardens and vegetable patch and seems to approve. The view of the gardens from the terrace is deeply serene, full of old-world charm. It draws you into contemplation, tempting you to stay there and relax just a little longer... The herb garden, the plant gazebo, the vegetable patch with its rare vegetables - it all makes you feel so peaceful. 

Tonnelle- Chédigny la closerie du tilleul

Paradise of roses

Indoors, Martine was free to do as she pleased and she closely followed every step of the refurbishment work. Elegance pervades the house and the dining is styled to look just like home.  There's nothing generic here: the embroidered white tablecloths covering the tables are all different, as are the chairs, their varied styles perfectly in tune the decor. The rooms on the first floor are are arranged just as painstakingly, to create an unassuming homely atmosphere. The food served here is based on fresh local produce and traditional recipes.  Martine is a Cordon Bleu chef, by the way, and you can look forward to trying her scrumptious 'blanquette fondante' and home-made savoury pies!

Chambres d'hôtes-Closerie du Tilleul-Chédigny

As soon as you wake up and draw the curtains, you're greeted with a feast of colours and scents, a world of serenity... You're off to a good start! To make the most of the garden, set yourself up comfortably on the terrace for breakfast and take time to enjoy the moment. It's such an appetising breakfast, too - just wait till you try the orange cake, brioches and croissants... Not to mention the famous Chédigny yoghurts, made in the traditional way. 

For a poetic countryside wander, and a change from of scene after visiting the Loire castles, the peaceful village of Chédigny ticks all your boxes!

Maison mauve Chédigny- Closerie du tilleul- chambres d'hôtes

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Chambres d'hôtes La Closerie du Tilleul
4 place de l’église
37310 Chédigny
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